TC Palms Nursery 
Specializing In Large Specimen Palms



    TC Nursery is a palm wholesaler of beautiful exotic and common everyday palms, we have been in the palm business for almost 30 years now. We carry all kinds of palms from your basic Mexican And California Fans, but our specialty is the exotic palms, Canary Island, Dactylifera, Mediterranean Fans, Butillas, Medjool Date Palms, and so on. 
    Basically now with this website, we wanna make it easier for clients to see our inventory, see how we work and what services we offer. We will also have the sizes of the palms and what specie they are as well.Palm trees are by far the most beautiful of trees, and can just make your yard or office stand out with a statement. With our experience, we can help suggest the right palm, we offer on tips when the palm is planted, how to maintain the palm. We work out of different areas, ranging from Southern California to Las Vegas to Southern Arizona to Texas as well. Contact us, sign our guestbook, we look foward to your comments and questions, and hope you will find something on here you like, if not let us know what your looking for and we will try to find the palm for you. Thank you for looking at our website and hope you enjoy.




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